My dear friend of many years, Terry Ingram, wrote this poem after watching the funeral for John Lewis. I thought some of you might enjoy reading it. With her permission, we are sharing it with you.

When I thought of posting her poem on our LFC website, an old dream I had in years past was that of promoting other local, or not-so-local, women’s writings, art, music…whatever creative endeavor she had, and in that way to unite in helping one another to support one another and to grow.

And so I invite you to share your stories of inspiration, your art work, your music with us. Please provide a link so we can link your work back to your own website and in that way promote and appreciate you.

Dr. Elaine Kindle


By Terry Ingram:

John R. Lewis
his body lay in-state at the U.S. Capitol Rotunda
a flag draped coffin
attendees present yet dead
to a false impression
death had stolen yet another precious soul
filling the room an all encompassing Spirit
John Lewis a predestined plethoric gift of grace
did rise beyond a flag draped enclosure
the symbol of respect
a flag draped box could never hold the origin of ‘good trouble’
As injustice lay open for viewing forever
John Lewis’s unending example
exposing injustice with action
conquering fears of inaction
forgoing temptations to retaliate
passing onto others his Peace Path
encouraging followers to join a higher quest
leaving others aspiring to their own earthly end
to become a predestined plethoric gift of grace themselves
John Lewis’s last earthly duty was complete
whispering to those of like minds the good Spirit
repeating the musical refrain
what is alive, death can not contain
what words alone can not express
music transcends echoing within ones being
the rotunda’s spiritual body was in tune
it became a human spiritual receptacle
for one holy music moment
as Wintley Phipps sang Amazing Grace…
our bodies, our minds, our souls
felt a Spiritual grace touching us to tears, touching tears
for this single moment we were all one
John Lewis’s unwavering goal held tight to his Spiritual song
giving the hope for equality and freedom for all
laying down his life for the possibility humanity would blossom
into the beauty of an ever expanding love for one another
John R. Lewis lived the memory of his hearts first beating sound
I am Born
I am Equal
John R. Lewis offered memory of my hearts first beating sound
I am Born
I am Equal
John R. Lewis offered us memory of our hearts first beating sound
We are Born
We are Equal