If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly at first

Many years ago before blogging became a concept I started a blog even though I did not realize what I was doing was blogging. I started posting new pages each day for two years in a series I called “365 Days to improve your self-esteem.” Bellow is what I found from the Wayback Machine for […]

You don’t go through red lights – please wear your mask

You stop at red lights – please wear your mask Be A Patriot. Wear your Mask. Today, we had 50,000 cases for the first time. Los Angeles county where I live  is closing down again. Why? Because anti-science people refuse to  obey simple rules: “Socially distance and wear a mask.” Of course,  Life Focus Center […]

Perception is all projection

Perception is projection Teaching story An old man was squatting at the gate of a village. An angry looking man approached him and shouted, “Old man tell me, what’s this village like? I’m moving from my village and want to know if I should move here.” The old man replied, “What was your old village […]

Weed your garden and weed your head

Weed your garden and weed your head With the gyms closed owing to the Novel Corona Virus we need to come up with different ways of exercising and passing the time. Yesterday, after a few rainy days it was sunny again in Southern California. I was wondering how to pass the time while keeping fit […]

Meditate and rid yourself of stress

Meditate and rid yourself of stress One of the best ways of coping with stress, improving your immune system, living a happier more successful life is through meditation. There are different families of meditation. They all have similar physiological and psychological effects. Most meditations are best done while sitting (on a mat or chair) with […]

I don’t know – the best mantra

I don’t know – the best mantra Have you noticed the less a person knows objectively the more sure he is that he knows. A friend who knows very little about science keeps talking about infallible knowledge. At the same, time those who are knowledgeable understand the limits of their knowledge and how much they […]

When cannot solve challenges do nothing

When cannot solve challenges do nothing Sometimes you get stuck and whatever you do you cannot overcome a challenge. Last night I was in that situation. I had just brought up another blog site and secured it. I next tried to bring up another site on the same server for a friend. The idea is […]

What to do with cabin fever

What to do with cabin fever Thanks to the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) most of us are wisely staying at home and keeping distance from strangers. Whereas, many people may enjoy solitude, most do not enjoy forced isolation. So what to do to pass the time usefully and  happily. Here are some suggestions. Go to the […]

Three steps to improve your relationship with your mate

Step one: Appreciate your mate in your heart When you appreciate your lover, your relationship improves. The first step in this appreciation is to do it inside yourself. Be glad and thankful that you have the lover you have and your relationship improves. As you drive home be happy that you are together again. With […]

Do as I say not as I do

Recently a certain “gentleman” suggested that we all wear masks to stop others catch covid-19 and in the next sentence said but I’m not going to wear a mask.  Reminds me of a blog post I wrote about 20 years ago titled “if it’s worth doing, do it badly at first and improve it later.” […]