December 2020 Colleen Ohlman

At Life Focus Center, Inc. we are fortunate to have an Associate (aka Intern) with us who is someone who comes with a great deal of life experience and skills:

Colleen Ohlman specialty is children and teens. Colleen Ohlman

Colleen joined our Team earlier this year while finishing her Masters’ program and then returned as an Associate.  Colleen was a teacher before returning to school for her Masters.  She also has first-hand experience with children and teens since she has three of her own. 

Colleen receives supervision from Dr. Elaine Kindle each week, which is like having a second therapist involved at no extra charge to you! 

As an Associate, Colleen’s services are for cash only, at a reasonable fee, so regardless of your insurance, you are free to schedule her without it being a strain on your wallet!

See one of Colleen’s articles below. 

If you have a child or teen experiencing life challenges, Colleen may be the person for you.  Give Colleen  a call now:  626-330-7990!

Colleen Ohlman Our Therapist of this month

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