Denedria Banks

Have you just lost someone?

Were you or a family member recently diagnosed with a chronic illness?

Have you suffered from a physical impairment forcing you to rediscover your new normal?

The one constant in life is change

& yet change can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.


I specialize in short term focused therapy to assist people in coping with life changes/transitions. I work with adults, teens, and children.

For 18 years, I have worked with and counseled people of all ages and families dealing with change due to physical disabilities and chronic medical conditions. For 6 of those years, I worked directly with elders (65 and older) who were receiving hospice or palliative care.


As one who has had a physical disability since birth, I understand the complexities and internal dilemmas that come with such changes at different stages of life.


My goal is to create a safe, non- judgmental relationship with you, as I  help you redefine and rediscover life`s joys as you adjust to your “new normal.” You may feel apprehensive about taking the first step and that’s okay.  Allow me to help you as you take your first step in discovering your new normal.

Book by Denedria Banks:

“Melodies of My Life” shares a no-holds-barred coming of age portrait of a young woman who refuses to let a chronic and debilitating illness define who she is or what she can achieve. At thirty-one, author Denedria Banks wears many hats-from daughter to sister to friend; from public speaker to single, fun-loving, independent Black woman; and from medical social worker to woman with a disability.

Each chapter samples the complex chords, harmonies, and disharmonies of her life’s passions. Banks explores various stages that impacted her search for self, including self-love and happiness. She ultimately discovers the true love that comes from putting yourself first, loving your every imperfection, and literally taking each day one step at a time.


In her own words, Denedria provides a rare glimpse into living with a debilitating disease. Doctors, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, students, people with disabilities and their loved ones, and those interested in the human condition will appreciate the journey of this young woman’s life-its darkest hours and brightest successes.