Do as I say not as I do

Recently a certain “gentleman” suggested that we all wear masks to stop others catch covid-19 and in the next sentence said but I’m not going to wear a mask.  Reminds me of a blog post I wrote about 20 years ago titled “if it’s worth doing, do it badly at first and improve it later.”

However, I did not listen to my own advice about this website.

I started working on the new Life Focus Center website more than eighteen months ago. I had a reasonable site a year ago but it was not perfect, so I never brought it online. We had problems with the ISP and I lost all that work.

Two weeks ago, the old web site was hacked and I had to to make this site anew and release it as soon as possible.    I was forced to listen to my own advice.

I’ll improve this site in time.

The important thing is to remember, “perfectionism is the enemy of good enough.”

The other side of the coin is that necessity is the mother of invention. The current site is way worse than the site I did not release because it was not good enough.

Now, given that we have no site at all anything is better than nothing at all.

So, every day I’ll publish something new on this blog and hopefully other therapist working at Life Focus center will add more posts too.

Here’s something from an early blog post which is apt for today (staying at home to protect us from the Novel Corona virus – Covid-19):

OK, you have to stay at home. How to look after yourself?

Do you realize that only a hundred years ago a hot bath was a great luxury? Today we have running hot water and we take it for granted.

Pamper yourself. Have a bubble bath. Just lie down and enjoy. Rather than buying commercial bubble bath, I use some bulk shampoo and add a few drops of essential oils for perfume and end up with a most wonderful bubble bath.

When you soak in hot water, you relax, your body repairs itself better. You show yourself that you care for yourself and you do matter.
Today had been an extremely tiring day. I needed to relax and get ready for tomorrow. I just had my hot bath with added Epsom salts as well as liquid soap for bubbles and now feel refreshed and rested.

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