Many years ago before blogging became a concept I started a blog even though I did not realize what I was doing was blogging.

I started posting new pages each day for two years in a series I called “365 Days to improve your self-esteem.”

Bellow is what I found from the Wayback Machine for May 11, 2000.

365 Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

By Elaine Kindle Ph.D. and Javad Hashtroudian D.C.H.

One of the posts had a similar title as above:”If it’s worth doing, It’s worth doing badly at first.”

It is said if it is worth doing, it is worth doing well. However, this attempt at perfectionism stops so many endeavors. Since at first you are learning, there is no way you can be sure that you are doing well. On the other hand if you start of and just do it however  you do and then improve all the time.

Yoda was not the first to say it but he is best known for, “Don’t try, do!”

In fact trying is one those weasel words which indicate will not. Thus if you invite a friend to a party and she replies, “I’ll try,” understand she will most probably not come.

However, once you have a starting point then improving it is always a possibility. Thus I’m going to complete this now and improve it later.

Puente Hills Walk

After writing the above I went for a long walk on the Puente Hills above our house. It is a long walk. It took 164 minutes. The first part is on the road going up the hill. Next comes a trail like the photo above. On the way you see beautiful sites and animals like the one bellow.

As I was walking I thought about the idea of doing things badly at first.

I can’t remember when I first learned to walk. However, if you look at babies as they learn to walk, you see they do it very very badly at first and they improve and improve until they become experts.

We all remember learning to walk and That’s the same. You start doing it badly. I learned on manual shift. I remember not being able to change the gears well. I didn’t know when to change up and when to down and that was only the gears.The steering wheel was a whole difficulty of its own….

Imagine if you wanted to perfect your driving skills before you started to drive….

I’m glad I decided to do it badly at first.

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