January 2021 Jane Wang, LMFT

Jane brings enthusiasm and a spirit of willing cooperation to our team at Life Focus Center.  We asked Jane to share a few words about herself with you, and below is her response:

“My experience centralizes on clients who suffer from depression or anxiety, such as in dealing with trauma or grief/loss.  I like to work with the under-represented population, especially minorities so sometimes I can provide therapy in Mandarin-Chinese or faith-based counseling.  I don’t believe in giving advice or directives because I believe clients possess their own answers within themselves, and it’s a matter of exploring all the best options for them to decide. 

I find it most rewarding when clients and I can have open, honest communication, repair misunderstandings they have with others, and with me, which leads them to a deeper level of understanding. 

My own motivation for serving others as a therapist came from understanding that all of us have personal suffering and, by having a chance to explore ourselves, to be heard and accepted by another, we move to a place of wholeness and healing. 

If I can be of service to you, please give me a call at 626-330-7990.  I do offer limited weekend appointments. 

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