What to do with cabin fever

Thanks to the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) most of us are wisely staying at home and keeping distance from strangers.
Whereas, many people may enjoy solitude, most do not enjoy forced isolation. So what to do to pass the time usefully and  happily.

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Go to the library digitally. Most libraries have a large collection of digital books, comics, magazines, audio books, movies available online.
    At this time some allow you to join online and get a temporary digital card. I know my library (Los Angeles County Library) will even let you join online and give you a Temporary Digital Library Card .
    This library has so many different digital resources including many formal learning opportunities which you get free rather than paying a lot.
  2. Since I’m talking about learning, take an online class. There are many free classes as well as classes you have to pay for.
    I have taken classes from Coursera, edX, FutureLearn as well as udemy. In fact this website is back up thanks a udemy course.
    There are plenty of other learning opportunities both formal and informal. I have watched classes from MIT and Stanford on youtube as well as those from  other universities.
  3. Exercise. I walk a lot. Typically I walk outside and I cross the road as soon as I see someone approaching so I keep social distance and don’t need to wear a mask.
    Unfortunately, recently it has been raining a huge amount in Los Angeles where I live. So I have started walking around our open living room/kitchen. It is about 50 steps around the room and I manage to walk my 10,000 steps each day that it rained.
    Now, I understand that not everyone lives in a house large enough to walk in but there are other possible exercises:

    1. Push ups – these can be done anywhere.
    2. Weights – you can use books, water bottles and many other things as weights.
    3. Stretch – yoga, Tai Chi and many other similar stretching exercises are available with demonstration online (youtube is a gold mine).
    4. If you have stairs go up and down the stairs. Very good for your heart
  4. Write a blog. Writing is great fun and it is good to think some one may read what you write. Remember what you write on Internet is there for ever. Also you may be surprised that someone plagiarized your writing with no attribution. When that happened to me I did not know to be insulted by the theft of my intellectual property or be proud that someone liked my writing enough to list it without altering a word.
    There are many places you can get free blogs on and also you can have a self-hosted WordPress site for less than ten dollars a months ($12 a year is lowest I have seen).
  5. Play games with each other.
    When is the last time you played Monopoly, trivial pursuit or whatever.
    Then there are all forms of solitaire games you can play.
  6. Watch an old movie. You can get them from everywhere including from your library.
    I like old black and white movies from thirties and forties.
  7. Curl up in bed with a book. Actually just read a book. There is something wonderful about the feel of paper.
  8. Put on some music and dance.

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