When cannot solve challenges do nothing

Sometimes you get stuck and whatever you do you cannot overcome a challenge.

Last night I was in that situation. I had just brought up another blog site and secured it. I next tried to bring up another site on the same server for a friend. The idea is to allow him communicate with all while in social isolation.

At first I tried to be creative and do a short cut. This did not work. So, I went back to the drawing board and did everything correctly. So the new website came online. I tested my original site and somewhere along the line I had broken it. The original site pointed to the new site I had set up for my friend.

Later on further testing the wrong site would come up with a warning that it was not secure. So here was a double whammy.

I spent the next two hours in vain trying to bring the original site back. Everything I did failed.  I noticed that I was getting frustrated. This self-awareness is important. If you don’t notice negative feelings, you are likely to increase the negative emotions.

So, I decided to sleep on it. Before I went to sleep I asked my unconscious mind to work on the problem.

I woke up in the morning and meditated as usual.

Afterward, I had an idea of various things to check and I was right. I had edited an important file as I was trying to do the shortcut. I edited the file correcting my mistake. I checked the site.

The site no longer gave an error or the wrong site but nothing came up. Later, I discovered this is called WordPress White Screen of Death.

At this time I noticed that unlike the last few days it was sunny. So I went for a walk and did not think about my web site challenges. I enjoyed the flowers in neighbor’s yards and the sun after the last few days of rain.  I did not think about my web site challenges but allowed my unconscious mind to think more about the issue.

Many minutes later I arrived back and got fresh ideas about how to solve the problem.

I started debugging the problem from a fresh angle and manged to bring the web site back up. So now both sites are working fine.

I’ll soon start writing on the one I made for myself.

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