You stop at red lights – please wear your mask

Be A Patriot.

Wear your Mask.

Today, we had 50,000 cases for the first time.

Los Angeles county where I live  is closing down again. Why? Because anti-science people refuse to  obey simple rules: “Socially distance and wear a mask.”

Of course,  Life Focus Center as a health care center will remain open, please phone us at 626-330-7990 for appointments. We are currently accepting appointments primarily by zoom and phone.

Originally it was thought that wearing a mask only protected others. In fact, recently we have discovered that wearing a mask can protect the mask wearer (especially if you place paper towel inside your mask). So if you don’t give a damn about others at least be selfish and care for yourself.

Wear a mask.

If the powers to be had acted wisely and listened to the scientists we would have been over the bulk of this plague and our numbers would have been like that of Europe which has similar population to the USA.

However, thanks to events beyond the control of the people we have by far the worst death rate in the advanced industrial nations. Our Covid-19 rates are so atrocious that we are not allowed into the European Union anymore.

I went shopping in Costco yesterday. As we entered the employees made sure we kept six feet apart and we were all wearing masks. Excellent. This is the best way to keep the Covid-19 under control. I was surprised to find three people not wearing their masks inside the store. One had her mask down not covering her mouth and nose. Two had taken their masks off completely. I avoided them as much as I could but one passed me by two feet before I could notice that he was not wearing his mask.

Not wearing your mask inside a public place is equivalent to running the red light or driving drunk. You are not being free. You are being  selfish! You are free to kill yourself if you must, please don’t take the rest of us with you. I avoided this person as much as I could and decided to write something about these anti-science, anti-fact persons.

I’m doing my best not to be political. Healthcare should not be political.

I was trained as a scientists (chemistry, biochemistry and brain sciences),  and I feel it is my duty to write about the people who refuse to wear masks and keep social distance. Not only are these people taking extra risk with their own lives, they endanger all of us.

That said, we are here, 50,000 new cases a day going up to 100,000. What can you do to be patriotic just before fourth of July?

Do not listen to politicians. Listen to the scientists.

Be A Patriot.

Wear your Mask.

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