The Looking Glass – A Poetic Reflection by Denedria Banks

A few weeks ago, while in the midst of spring cleaning, I came across a poem I wrote seventeen years ago. Reading the poem transported me to a different time and place – the uncertainty I felt at thirty-one.  In that moment, I felt for my younger self because of the questions she had. As I finished reading the poem, I smiled in acknowledgement of the women I grew into. Although I still have flaws, imperfections, and moments of uncertainty, I know now how to meet myself with grace and love.

I decided to share this poem with our Life Focus Center Community as a reminder that we all move through difficult seasons. Sometimes we are fortunate to move through the season(s) without a need for assistance while, at other times, we may need someone to help pull us through. In either case, I want you to remember two things: 

  1.  you are not alone;
  2. your current season will change. 

If you feel you need a hand to pull you through a difficult season, please contact Life Focus Center as we will work to assist you through.


The Looking Glass

Staring down the looking glass, I see whispers of a time gone by.

Memories have faded – I no longer know where I belong

Walking around, I feel lost now. The world is too big and moving way too fast.

I wonder where I’ve been. I’m trying hard to remember my past.

I remember a happy place (or was it a time?) where I was light, in love, and always seemed to be walking on cloud nine.

Nothing was too fast, life just continued to flow. There was no “hustle and bustle,”  your place was all your own.

My fantasy world has been shattered somehow because the world seems too loud now.

I’m constantly surrounded by sound, swimming in a sea of loud.

Is it my fears that I hear or my expectations really that loud?

Time seems to have sped up and left me in its dust – with no time to consider myself, I’m feeling out of luck.

I’m a little uneasy, off-kilter, and out of sorts. Kind of lost in this storm of uncertainty. Man, it really did get the best of me.

Got to pick up the pieces, put this puzzle back together again. Got to be stronger than this – can’t let this consume me.

Too many things I want to do with my life – not ready to go.

I want to be married, have a family, make love one more time, drive down the coast, and hang out with my friends (if only one more time). Sing to the radio, write another poem, break up to make up, fall in love all over again, and capture the dream I don’t yet have.

Got to come back! I got to find my place in this new time. I just can’t let go now.

Hmmm…look at this…either life is beginning to slow down or I just began to catch up in the looking glass.

Dark Clouds 2020
LFC Party
Dr Kindle On Zoom
Denedria Banks
Colleen on Zoom
Impromptu Christmas party
New beginnings

Dark clouds gather as 2020 unsuspectingly looms …

January:  LFC Holiday party with family and friends

Learning how to work virtually

Denedria works both from home and from the office.

Colleen quickly adjusts to our new HIPAA zoom platform!

Impromptu Christmas brunch with our base crew: Deborah, office manager; Dr. Kindle, Director; Colleen, Associate.

A rainbow of hope for a Happy New Year as 2021 begins!



Therapist of the month

Each month we will be featuring one of our Therapists at Life Focus Center, Inc.  You may know someone in need of this particular therapist’s help.  Read on to see who we are presenting this month! You may be glad you did…

As a therapist, I do not believe I hold all the answers. I believe in a collaborative approach as my clients move to discover their new normal. I strive to create a safe, supportive, non- judgemental environment for my clients to easily move through their therapeutic process. My experience includes working with clients who live with chronic illness, those struggling to move through a life transition, and those working through grief and loss.


Deciding to seek counseling can feel overwhelming. If you are out there feeling uncertain, I advise you to simply give it a try. The road to feeling better begins by you taking one step and breath at a time.

Peace and Blessings,
Denedria Banks, LCSW

How would you define your relationships?

Life Focus Center opened its’ doors in 1981 to focus on Women’s Issues, since they were underrepresented in the Community at large.  We soon realized that women’s needs often revolved around children and spouses, so we widened our services. 

Our mission over all these years has been and is to provide quality counseling services provided by seasoned professionals with a wide range of therapy styles and populations served.  We also mentor new therapists in their development and growth. 

It goes without saying that these are the most challenging of times. Depression rates, anxiety rates, and other life issues are at all time highs.  We understand and are here to help.

Many of our services are covered by insurance, while others are cash only.  You may qualify for our sliding-fee rates.

Please give us a call today:  626-330-7990.

 Dr. Elaine Kindle, PhD, LCSW, Board Certified Diplomat

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Wishes come true.  For years, I have had a wish, a dream, to be able to support local women’s small businesses.  After all, we need all the help we can get. But I just didn’t know how, and like many of our dreams, it took a back seat.  Then it dawned on me…. So here it is:

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So if you are a woman in business, and would like to send us a link, please do so.   Wishes and Dreams do come true.

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Dr. Elaine Kindle