Colleen Ohlman

Collen Ohlman

If you have minors who need counseling, Colleen is the clinician for you!

Colleen Ohlman currently is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor at Life Focus Center.  She completed her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and is working toward her hours for licensure.  In 1999, Colleen received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and enjoyed teaching young children for many years. 

Colleen focuses on working with young children, adolescents, teens and young adults who face many difficult issues they navigate through those years. 

She believes her background in education combined with her experience with children can be very helpful to our struggling youth at any time, especially at this time of the Pandemic.  As all of us are aware, Covid-19 has brought increased stress, anxiety and depression to all of us, and especially to this population:  They not only have had their social worlds ripped out from beneath them, but have had to cope with constantly changing and uncertain times.

On a personal note, Colleen has been married for 21 years and is the mother of three wonderful teens.  She enjoys volunteering her time at numerous philanthropies throughout the surrounding area. She especially enjoys her work with the National Charity League and the Special Olympics of Southern California.

If your child or teen is struggling, please give Colleen a call now. 


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